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NUTRITION (not dieting) FOR THE WIN!

It has been 4 weeks since I launched the Freedom Weight Loss Program. I am so proud of the 2 years of hard work I put in to make sure I created an opportunity for people to feel good about developing a simple and healthy new sustainable lifestyle. Based in reality! Each week I release a new module with corresponding PDF’S.  Each module has 4 parts. 

  • weight loss skill, 
  • new life habit,
  •  life wisdom 
  •  recipe of the week that includes step by step visual instructions as well as ways to recreate it into many other meals. 

Successful long term weight loss and health involves developing healthy habits you can stick with. For years, I have worked with clients who are so frustrated with removing carbs, adding too much protein, eliminating fat, drastically reducing calories, relying on packaged highly processed expensive meals, only to be back right where they started.

Last week on our live coaching call one member told us about a BAD food choice she made. The whole group appreciated the FREEDOM WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM response!

Remember that our words have so much power!  Nothing we have done any day of the week is bad, the only thing we have done is eat food that would not serve us in a most healthful way. Now we can be observant of that and make a different choice based on how it made us feel.  Reframe your thinking. Instead say, “ I just made a choice, I don’t feel great about it, I will choose differently next time”  Saying you were bad makes you feel bad and then usually your actions following are not positive and the result is an unhappy you.  Saying you made a decision that you will choose differently next time, makes you feel more in control, then your actions are more positive and the result is a confident you.

One great decision you can make is to have something yummy, healthy and easy on hand for breakfast.  An FWLP member shared how she set herself up for success this week by making this delicious Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal.

Click here for the recipe

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